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Get one of the versions of the wallets avaialable here:

General security tip: never share your seed phrase with others, never input them into a website or webwallet, if you do have a substantial amount of crypto then get a hardware wallet.


Thank you Nicalz.

Wish I had communicated with you earlier.

What happened? You can still setup a software wallet and send the coins out of the web one?

I just downloaded Litecoin-Core and it has an option for “Open Wallet”, but it just lists a [default wallet]. Is this just to hide the wallet location? Is this an actual wallet?

No idea what you mean. Is the issue that it is called ‘default wallet’?

If so, this because you can have many wallets in one software (different seed phrases and keys) and can be labeled differently.

For example, having a dedicated wallet for mining profits, so that these don’t mix with your other coins.

Don’t really get question about ‘hiding’ @Amphereal

I’m trying to find my Wallet address. When I click on File, Open Wallet, it gives me a choice of [default wallet]. I assume this might be normal, I don’t know. I was assuming I could name my wallet at some point.

I read that my wallet address would show if I went to the Receive tab. There’s no address shown, but an option for a 'Generate Native Segewit address. I read that I can get address generators on the web, but thought the Litecoil-Qt or Litecoin-Core could do that.

Can some one tell me how to fix my addres wallet ltc change his self coinbase

Example :
My old coinbase addrees :


Now my new coinbase addres :


Im realy confuse why address can change without me know

Plz someone help me


How to fix

Hey @Michael_Apon,

I can’t seem to acces

Stumbled on this review article, have a read

@all that have ‘technical support’ issues

Stop replying to this thread, create a new thread for your issue. This way others can help as well.

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