How use two wallets in litecoin core?

I cannot see any options about any multiwallet way
I can create only one
How i can use more wallets in application?

p.s. sorry if mistakes in phrases i am russian

I think that options doesn’t exist yet. It should be possible, but a feature like that has probably not been implemented.

And what do you mean by “multiwallet” ? Wouldn’t it be harder to manage more wallets than one?

you joking) in bitcoin you can manage huge lists of wallets. just choose create and thats all folks)

Why do you need multiple wallets for Litecoin anyway? I’m just as confused as the other guy who commented here. Multiwallet, huh? An interesting concept.

Why you surprised? This will be more safely
Half sum on one wallet other half on other…

Use electrum you can have as many wallets as you want. Just send some of the funds you have in core. Trezor lets you have as many as you want so does Ledger. You should use a hardware wallet anyway.

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