How to withdraw from paper wallet, code-5 error

Hey guys, a downloaded litecoin core and i go to help → debug window and type importprivkey myprivkey and it says Invalid private key encoding (code -5). What I do wrong? I created wallet throw or maybe you know website where i can cash it out? or other program.

Thank You for your help

btw priv key is encrypted with password, what should i type in consol?

make sure you capitalize any letters and have all your spaces correct as well as anything else syntax related first…you might need tomport the address first then the private key that is belonging to that address more than likely…so yeah import address then unlock it if it is password protecte3d then importprivkey…lemme know

Hi there, I am new here and having same issue as lite123 “Invalid private key encoding (code -5)”.
My paper wallet was made on
and my private key looks like this: 6xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxQ

The only thing that I was able to do, is to load my public key and have Watch-only section of the same wallet.
My private key does not work on Electrum as well :frowning:

Please let me know, if you know something about this issue, and is there any solution for me to spend LTC from paper wallet.

Thank you in advance.

Did you try to check at litevault?

Hi Xue,

thank you for suggestion. It doesn’t work there as well.
I got this message: Error importing WIF. Please verify that the format is correct

Thank you.

if your private key starts with a “6” then it is an encrypted private key with BIP38 which requires a password to decrypt and this is NOT supported in core wallet
Jaxx wallet does support these keys…assuming you know the password for the encrypted private key

Hi bakd247,

Thank you for suggestion on this issue. I have no results on Jaxx as well. I have submit question on their support portal and waiting for help. At the moment I fill that my LTC are gone forever. You can see them on public address, but there is no way to get them alive again.

Thank you guys.