How to Verify Litecoin Core download

Is there an easy to understand guide showing how to verify the Litecoin Core download hasn’t been tampered with ? I downloaded the GPC signature and I have GPG4win installed but can’t make any sense of it. Best I could do another way was a sha256 checksum match.

you need to hash the file and compare the hash with the data listed on the site…there is software out there to help with this as well as lots of youtube videos on verifying hashes for download integrity

I installed Gpg4win and when I get the downloaded litecoin-0.14.2-win64-setup.exe verified with litecoin-0.14.2-win64-setup.exe.asc It says could not be verified. The used key is not certified. Then I followed the link “Litecoin Core development team” and found Public Key Server – Get "0xfe3348877809386c " So I’ve let the integrated key server search for that on the internet and found a signature from “Adrian Gallagher” Is that the good signature? Is he from the Litecoin Core development team? Can I trust that signature?