How to speed up transaction that is not confirmed for a long time?


I made a transaction two days ago:
but still isn’t confirmed.

Any idea to make it quicker?
I heard some transactions with fee added can be expedited? My sending wallet version is old and don’t have that option. Also the version lacks the way to abandon the transaction.
so should I update the wallet version to remake the transaction?

Really need your urgent help and advice. Thanks a lot in advance.



Backup your wallet and install the latest version. Right click on transaction and select cancel.

you can also start qt in command line with the -zapwallet flag…however one time I sent .01 to an exchange wallet with no fee and it took 8 months to get there…I had forgotten about it but it did finally arrive…next time pay a higher fee…at least the recomended fee fi you need the deposit fast…you cant make it quicker once its sent…

also you can only cancel if there is NO confirmations…if there are any confirmations then you gotta wait for 6 till most exchanges give you credit…some places will do instant credit with no confirmations but they are hard to find and only allow small amounts once or twice…

Already did. Thank you for your help!

Thank you for your detailed and informative message.