How to save forum from SPAM and Scammers?


I would like to have your comments and ideas on how to save this forum from spammers ans scammers?


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First of all, one should mark spam as spam instead of engaging with it.


Maybe we can create a post on how to do this and pin it.

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Hope this site doesn’t get a lot of spam. I haven’t noticed nearly as much as I have on some other sites, so hopefully it won’t ever get that way.

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Have users post a deposit of 0.25 LTC, for any violation of group standards user will be fined 0.025 LTC. If it cost money to spam people won’t do it.

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Have you thought that bitcoin only exists because of the struggle against spam? Hashcash (bitcoin’s main algorithm) is a economic solution to the spam problem.

Bitcoin would be as popular if there was no such thing as spam, so NO.

Proof of work (POW) is a algorithm designed to fight spam. Hashcash and Merkle-tree are the main components of Bticoin.

I login on average once or twice a day to see what is going on. Usually I will have a quick look at what is at the top of the threads list.
If you want a guaranteed way to bring it to the attention of myself and the other moderators here use the “report” function. This creates a notification for us.

1 Like we are much better now with you and others that joined the effort.

Good question. Certainly, @litecoin on TG and r/litecoin on Reddit have fallen into the abyss of unusual activity. Are any mods here also mods there that could help improve the LTC community, or are they centralized here? I hope not.

This forum certainly deserves to be both protected from the same issues and also promoted beyond giveaways; the information here, like with David’s and Jay’s posts, is excellent.

Ypur call will go unheard unfortunaly. The will to change is not present I fear.

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There certainly is a strong undertow to create a positive community, the need is certainly there and the coin itself deserves it. David’s, Jay’s, and Charlie’s and others posts deserve a large quality platform.

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