How to 'redeem' a transaction

Please help me, this was my very first LTC transaction. I sent LTC from an exchange to my cold Electrum wallet.
I do see it in my wallet under ‘balance’…but on the network it says “not yet redeemed”. How do I redeem it?
Hash: ID July 20. 2017 d7a44b756314859ec5f437e98ad0df0df1658818fd016789f71b7683345a4e83
Sorry, if this is a stupid question, but I am really new to this.
Many Thanks for all the help.

Don’t worry about it.

“Not yet redeemed” only means you haven’t spent the money yet. It doesn’t mean you have to do anything special to claim the LTC.

If your LTC show up in your wallet, then it is fine.

Thanks a million LTC-s! I am getting a bit more informed now and was able to check on the blockchain again, too.

Hi it says the same thing to me, and on the blockchain it says that, that I sent ltc to a different address than I sent it to, I checked on the exchange website and there (on withdrawals history), the address is correct
I don’t know what to do please help me!
Have I lost my Ltc?!?!

what wallet do you have?

It is a wallet on a exchange (