How to recover my missing Litecoins

Dear Sir/Madam

I would like some help on recovering my Litecoins. I own 42 Litecoins but for some reason my wallet is showing up as a 0 balance.

Within my Litecoin folder I have the Litecoin core 11-18 version and 11-19 version, I also have my banlist.dat, blocks folder, chainstate folder, db.log, debug.log, fee_estimates.dat, mempool.dat, peers.dat & wallet.dat.

Even with all this information my wallet can’t seem to read and track the right information.

Also I tried to open my wallet last year April, and it came up with a error message saying “Error: a fatal internal error occured, see debug.log for details”. I checked my debug.log for details and to be honest I don’t understand what I’m meant to be reading, it’s just babble to me.

I’ve looked at forums regarding this topic, one solution was to use, in order to search the block chain I would need a address but the address is located in my 11-18 version which I can’t open because it is saying that I need to download a newer version. I’m presuming that with the newer version I am provided with a new wallet address, which would be no help to me because the new wallet shows a balance of 0.

What do I need to do to recover my Litecoins?

I contacted jah privately, and we managed to reopen their old Litecoin wallet. It is currently synchronizing and I am confident 42+ coins will be recovered from a Littecoin change address that was innactive since 2017 :slight_smile:

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Just to let you all know:

@jah recovered 42.4+ litecoins that were stuck since 2017, as well as 424+ lcash and he’s now back on the train!

To the moon :rocket: :new_moon: