how to recover my ltc

hi , i bought litecoin 5 years ago on my old pc , and i was keeping it in litecoin core app on windows , i have access to my old pc but windows was changed before i get backup , i have access to my emails also ,

i have my ltc address:



here are some other links that can help maybe

is there anyway to get my litecoin back ?

did you search for the wallet.dat file?
did you save your private key anywhere?

unfortunately i don’t have any of them

without the private key, then no you are no way to recover - some wallets have recovery phrase or what not, but you said core wallet so I am pretty sure you need the private key or the wallet.dat file with pw.

if you have not installed a “fresh windows installation”
then pywallet can be used to scan your drive for private keys…
also the folder that the wallet is located in is not viewable unless you tell windows to show hidden folders…
you can only recover the coins using the private key that created the address the coins were sent to.
this is why you should always backup your wallet and keep the backup safe somewhere offline…

Id be happy to assist if needed