How to recover my ltc fro BCH wallet of zeppay

dear sir
accidently i was send my ltc from coinome to BCH wallet of zeppey kindly help me how to recover ?

Only zeppay can help you on this.

Since they own BCH destination address, they also own private key; they are technically able to sweep that private key on electrum-ltc and claim your litecoin.

However, chances are low for they to want to help, since it involves manual action on their end that is going to be time consuming.

sir any other way to find private key and if i get private key then what is the next step,
how will process ?

Only owner of destination address (in this case zeppey, as stated in your initial post) can find the private key.

Once private key is find, it can be loaded on electrum-ltc to regain control of lost litecoins.