How to make money with Bitcoin?

How to make money with Litecoin?

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It’s not as simple as it looks like, you have to wait for the perfect time to trade bitcoin.
It’s price measure uneven variations on a daily basis, so you should be aware before getting into bitcoin trading.

There are many online platforms who are helping in teaching how to trade bitcoins so it would be a better option to visit those as they provide you with some really good knowledge.


I just can’t find patterns when bitcoin moves up and when down. How to predict this? What does it depend on?

it depends on people buying and selling…
people buy and sell based on numerous things…such as hype…or just because they feel like investing…they also sell because they either need money or they are taking profit or they are trying to protect their investment amount…
No way to “predict” based on any one thing…
just throwing it out there but just watch what the price of bitcoin does at 8am EST when the stock market opens every day…then watch what it does when it closes…at 5pm EST
you’ll notice…a lot of people use cryptocurrency to protect their funds from stock market investments
this is just one thing I have noticedd over about 5 years of watching the prices…

personally…I just HODL everything and mine everything I can and HODL more…
I will get my profits at the right time…

I heard about bitcoin trading but I’m not interested in investing using digital currency.

Nowadays it is quite hard to predict when the will the value rise or fall. As these fluctuation are really unreliable. So making money with Bitcoin by trading can be risky, if you are new to this.

On the contrary you can try mining bitcoin, as it is one of the best options to make money from Bitcoin.

At first, you should analyse market price of BTC
Then, buy BTC on a lowest price
Wait until price will grow up
and sell))
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