How to create litecoin account. Any help? Please

I’m totally new to crypto. I thought I was creating litecoin account and here I found myself on this forum… Any help how I can create litecoin account?

What do you mean by ‘a litecoin account’? If you want to use Litecoin you need a wallet, which you can download and install on your computer or smartphone. You can send Litecoin to your wallet and from your wallet to somebody else.

I recommend Electrum for your computer or loafwallet for your phone.

Is loaf wallet still in development on iPhones as well? @ecurrencyhodler I downloaded it but my android notified me it was still in development and may be unstable.

loafwallet is out for iphones. I think beta for android.

im new to this as well still 44 weeks behind on my litecoin core wallet… am I doing this wrong?

Your best bet is to go to and download and install from there. Store the coins in an encrypted wallet on your local hard drive.