How safe is

“No warranty” is written at
Then, how safe it really is?

I would not trust any website that generates your key. You never know it keeps track of them, and in that case they get access to your coins.

those tools are not suppose to be use online, I think they recommend you download the page and generate the wallet/key on an offline pc


Which do you think is more secure, software wallets?
I don’t know wallets on line for Litecoin, as Blockchain.

As Akke said above, even generating offline, is it really safe?

if done offline, it is suppose to be safe.

there are some other alternative, try electrum (it have a portable version), and the core wallet ( but you need to sycn with network

Are you storing a lot of coins?
If so, i would recommend a hardware wallet instead.


Thanks for your answer, I’ll try paper wallet first.

I have just 1 Litecoin, maybe soon I’d buy more.