How do I add My Paper Wallet & is there a tutorial anywhere for Litcoin Core 13.2?

New Member here.

I’m trying to figure out how to add a paper wallet I’ve created to Litecoin Core 13.2. How is this done with the new Mac version of the Litecoin Core? Any info I’ve found on the internet appears to be 3 or 4 years old and doesn’t appear to apply to v13.2 of Litecoin Core.

I’m also coming up empty on finding any sort of tutorial on how to use Litecoin Core.

Thanks in advance for any help.

you would open console and then type importaddress (address) (private key) this should “sweep” the paper wallet to your digital wallet…MAKE SURE TO SWEEP THE ENTIRE AMOUNT!!! otherwise you could loose some…might have to subtract the transaction fee form the total amount too in order for it to be confirmed correclty

type help in console to make sure I said that right as there are instructions there

Well, I’m not the best when it comes to console commands.

Maybe there is another way about this. I see that I can generate a new Public Key in which to have coin sent to. Once I do that, how do I then go about printing a paper wallet for this new Public Key and when and where in the process do I get the new Private Key for this new address, and will I be able to print off a paper wallet with the Public & Private Keys and their corresponding QR codes?

Thank you for offering advice.

I’ve tried using the console with the formats supplied using the help command. Each time I try i get the following error : Error: Error parsing JSON:Paper Wallet A

I’ve got to say here, I’m quite discouraged at the level of difficulty at what was so simple when creating my Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets. Why can’t I import my paper wallet simply, using QR codes? Very frustrated as the options for Litecoin wallets are few (only 1 on iOS and that doesn’t allow importing of wallets either (LoafWallet)). I do not want to store my wallet on a server, preferring to keep it offline in the form of a paper wallet. I have the wallet generated, and cannot figure out how to get it into Litecoin Core.

Am I missing something here? Is it just me??

I finally got it to work. Thanks for the help.

I finally got everything to work. Would be very helpful if a Tutorial for LC QT was available for download. I stand by my observation about the interface lacking QR inputs, as well as being able to delete public addresses. Maybe in the future the software will be more intuitive and easy to use. is where you can make a paper wallet…can also download it and use it offline then broadcast the address to the network and you have a paper wallet that works both offline and online…

the only way to transfer coins to paper is to copy the private key to paper…or you can go to and make a paper wallet there and send coins to that…
open your qt wallet then click help then click the console tab then type help and it gives you an entire list of the commands and how to use them…even shows exactly how to type them to avoid syntax errors…

the software is already very easy to use if you’d play with it for a while just like when you buy a new phone or something…you cant just get a new device and just all the sudden know everything about it before you even use it…

also in console type the following to obtain the private key from any transaction:

     walletpassphrase "your walletpassphrase here" 600
    dumpprivkey [your Litecoin address here]

This will return your private key…then copy and paste it or do whatever you want with it…give it to someone in trade…however remember until that private key is swept again and confirmed into another wallet it can be stolen easily…