How can I get a lite coin wallet

How can I get a wallet with lite coin as I already have lite coin

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I ALREADY Have Lite coins but no wallet download it from there

You Sure ??
I cant see any Link regarding buying a wallet

the wallet is a free software, you just need to download it.

I think Im too stupid for this
I see Download Links, but what am I downloading ?
Doesnt say anything about a wallet.
I dont like the idea of my only evidence of having bought LiteCoins being on a website.

Which website did you buy Litecoins at?

A Litecoin wallet can be reduced to possesion of a private key and the corresponding public key.

Like this one:
Private key: 6vh4HWhv9PZrLknpk6YPeXZYpKqYKqy4schVZ2AKwVChD6yGje8
Public address: LTtt38Uz42SHpPEJWXp6NtgT2kt7GFMqys

All you need to own litecoin is being the only one in the world that has some single private-public key pair.

Wallet is a software (or hardware device) you can use to generate said key pair.

So, in fact, the only you need to do is select a trustful wallet software (or hardware device) to generate a private-public key pair for you, and then transfer your bought LTC to generated public address.
Of course, private key must remain safe, with no one else knowing it.
That being said, the private and public keys I posted before were just generated as an example and must not be used ever.

Did it help a litle?

May I ask again, where did you buy LTC?