How can I contact a technical support to solve my problem?

transactions that showed ’ not yet redeemed
what does it mean?
I’ve two transactions stuck for 2 months until now

“not yet redeemed” just means the coins are at a given address and aren’t spend.

how can I solve it?
It’s about 2 months

there is nothing to solve, the coins are there, if the address is under your control, you can use them

I got nothing in my wallet, so I can’t use them
Is there any way to redeem it?

what wallet software do you have?

the transactions were between two exghanges.

in that case, you need to talk with the exchanges, nothing we can do.

Also, they told me
The money that you deposited went to an address that is not associated with your account.
but I am sure, I sent it to the right address
sorry for disturbing you.