Help with litecoin wallet! Please!

Hey there, I started using the litecoin core wallet yesterday. I downloaded the software and bought some litecoins / exchanged bitcoins to litecoins through :
everything went well…they received the bitcoins…they confirmed to send the litecoins to my wallet adress i provided.
I have the confirmation email.
Problem now is first I didnt receive any litecoins on my wallet ( all information wallet adress and so on were provided correct i tripple checked). Now the litecoin core wallet will not open on my windows …it did yesterday. I did make a backup file as it was recommended, I reinstalled the programm still doesnt work… what can I do to fix the problem / get access to my litecoins?

Thanks for your help

Depending on who you’re dealing with as far as transactions, it can take a while to receive them, or so i have heard.

The fact that your app isn’t working correctly is probably not related to your current issue.
Maybe wait a little while and see what happens?

If not, is there anyone you can contact on the other end about it?

u can track any address and view any and all balances here:
and if you are trying to use your backup you will need to locate you Appdata folder : C:/(currentuser)/appdata/roaming/litecoin
replace the wallet.dat file in this folder with your backup and rename it wallet.dat then restart litecoin and all your address should be in your wallet…MAKE SURE YOUR WALLET IS COMPLETELY SYNCED!!! you will not get any transactions until your wallet is not finished syncing with the network


Could it be that no transaction are shown in the Litecoin core wallet till it loaded all the blockchain up to date? mine is somwhere in 2014 now… this might the problem to a lot of new users…as when you download the wallet it starts downloading from way back…I am just waiting now to see what happens when I come to today date (or at least the one when I bought the litecoins)
If that doesnt help I will get back into here

Thanks everyone already

if you have you backup in place and it is renamed wallet.dat and it is the only wallet.dat file in the appdata folder then once the wallet syncs your coin should pop up…but you wont see anything until it is synced

So now the wallet is up to date…and it said i have my litecoins…but I can still not display it…I only can display the Debug Window, but the main wallet still does not display! any ideas how to fix that issue?

if the GUI isn’t coming up then you have a java issue or something like that…what does the debug window say? near the end it should tell you if and what errors are occurring…

The Debug indow doesnt say any error at all, but I just cant see the wallet…it is opend in the task bar but if i try to display it, it will not show… the debug window has no problems

click on the logo 3 times in the task bar next to your clock…then un-check “open Minimized” under options once it pops up…maybe un-check start at system logon too

Hello do you have any knowledge on litecoincore qt if so please look at my post I need a hand

use python wallet to recover corrupted backups or you can start litecoin in command prompt in windows like this: litecoin-qt.exe -salvagewallet or linux like this: ./liteocin-qt -salvagewallet