Help with a wallet LTC . Ur price (reward)?

Greetings, I encrypted my wallet. Now I’m trying to send Litecoin and ask for a password. The password I use to sign in does not fit. What to do? There is a phrase from words, there are previous passwords, the address. Now I’m sitting with this purse, but I can not perform transactions

Which wallet are you using?

У меня похожая ситуация с бумажником Windows версия 0.14.2. Транзакции не получается осуществить без ввода пароля. Парроль неизвестен для отправления лайткоин. Входящие транзакции доступны.

@vitaly: Password is the one you configured when you first installed the Litecoin wallet. Have you forgot it?

@sharyhere, if you wish, I can try to bruteforce your wallet.dat, if you send it to me in private. If you do, I will ask you to provide a new non-related LTC address to send your recovered funds to.

Какая либо коммиссия будет за операцию?

Пароль я не устанавливал. Он заблокировался сам