Help Upgading LiteCoin Wallet (without losing any LiteCoins!)

After not updating my LiteCoin Wallet for several years, I finally tried to do it earlier this year and got this message:

"URGENT: Alert Key Compromised, upgrade required.”

Per instructions I found online, I backed up WALLET.DAT and installed the new client. I left the old LiteCoin Wallet running while I launched the new version—and I didn’t know if it needed it or not—and received a message that it couldn’t proceed with the old Wallet running. So I closed the old Wallet and launched the new one. After a few minutes I got this message:

“Unable to rewind the database to a pre-fork state. You will need to download the blockchain. Do you want to rebuild the block database now?”

There was an option to coninue or abort, and I aborted.

What I’m wondering is how to proceed from here. Is there something I should do first before rebuilding the block database to make the new Wallet aware of the old WALLET.DAT? Or is that something I do after rebuilding the block database? In addition to WALLET.DAT, I also saved the ASCII encryption key.

Any guidance would be hugely appreciated!!! And please list any help in a step-by-step format. On Reddit, a commenter said to install the new client and update the block database, and then I “should be able to move” my coins….but didn’t tell me HOW to move my coins….

I think I posted the answer to this on reddit. Well this should work for you:

Firstly you need to fully close all versions of Litecoin-Qt and Litecoin Core. Make sure to install the latest release of Litecoin Core 0.18.1 from only.
When it asks if you want to rebuild block database press yes. Wait 1-2 days until syncing finishes, and you should be able to move your coins. Good luck.

Since you’re using such an old version of Litecoin Core/Qt this is probably the best way to do this.

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I thank you again for the information…but you fail to tell me HOW TO MOVE my LiteCoins, only that I “should be able to move” them.

What are the specific steps I take to move them?

Did this work for you please? I appreciate it is not a recent post but I have the same problem you had… Best Regards C