Help the newbee

I guys, im completely new to this whole thing of cryptocurrency!! i would like to purchase litecoins using my debit card, and have tried through coinbase, paymium etc but nothing works, can anyone please provide advise, starter guide or help?

you need to give coinbase a picture of your ID in order to be able to buy form them…once you are approved through the “know you customer” stuff all US exchanges have to do then you can buy and sell all you want…otherwise you can go to a bitcoin atm in your area and buy bitcoins there…sweep them to a wallet and trade them for litecoin or anyother coin on exchanges like or

Thanks a lot bakd247.

you can also check the bottom of the screen on coinbase and they have a “status” page which tells the status of their services…turns out when I replied here at the same time their ID verification was down temporarily…glad to help

Thanks mate :pray:t2: