Help? Reward for the help!


I believe I have the same issue as coffeedrinker, a post that is about 3 months old now and I’m hoping someone can help me out as well. I sent ETH to the wrong address from my Poloniex account ( I switched 2 numbers sequence around in the address) I checked etherscan and I can see my transaction is confirmed… is there a way to fix my mistake or did I just send ETH so some lucky person’s wallet?

Please help and I’m more then willing to provide a reward for this help!

Crypto is like cash - once it’s gone, it’s gone. Sorry - be more careful next time.

lol yes lesson learned to always copy and paste… so if its confirmed on etherscan that means it landed in someone’s wallet?

Yes and no.

The address is valid, but it doesn’t mean that someone has the private keys for it. It may not have been generated in a wallet yet. Let me check my addresses while we are at it… lol!

So does it sit in limbo until that address is given to someone?