Help recovering wallet/coins


I have not touched my Litecoin wallet in several years. I had some coins in a Litecoin wallet before 2014. Then in 2014 I upgraded the wallet to the latest version at the time. Immediately after doing that, the new wallet showed a zero balance. I tried to get help at the time and I think something big was going on with Litecoin and I gave up. I just thought I would revisit this because I understand that usually keyfiles are stored somewhere and I just want to check to see if they are still on this computer somewhere and if there is a solution. I have the same computer (Mac). The wallet currently installed showing the zero balance is Litecoin v0.8.7.4-beta.

I have no other information written down or stored off the computer - I know! I was going to do that right after the upgrade. I know, should have done it before!

Thanks for the help!

Does the wallet show any transactions?

No transactions

Ugh, sorry to hear that. It sounds like your wallet.dat file may have been overwritten.

The contents of the old wallet.dat may still be on the hard drive, but you would need to use some extensive recovery tools to find out.

OK thanks. It is strange to me that installing a new version of software according to the installation instructions would wipe out the wallet.dat.

But I guess that is what has happened.

Can you try searching your harddrive for “wallet.dat” and see if the search shows more than 1 file?

Two found. One under Litecoin folder and one under Maxcoin folder.

I was hoping that maybe the installation folder changed, and maybe there was an old Litecoin installation folder. No such luck it seems.