Help PLS (wallet.dat)

Can you please help me !
Did anybody know how to do restore or fix replaced with backup (litecoins file wallet.dat) ?

do you have the backup wallet.dat file, or is the backup file lost?

yes I still have wallet.dat file but now replaced , and when I do restore in user/appdata/roaming/litecoin change file my balance is 0

With the old wallet.dat file in place, please try a -rescan:

The instructions are for bitcoin, but it’s the same for litecoin. Just replace bitcoin with litecoin. If you are familiar with launching the QT wallet from the command line, you can also just launch it with -rescan

Let us know if this works.

did you rename the backup that you replaced the wallet.dat file with “wallet.dat”? it should show in pending if you put the backup in the appdata folder and renamed it wallet.dat…and it should rescan itself actually…doesn’t all the time though

yes i fix now , thank u all , a have a issue whit tayping mistake how i save my file wallet.dat