Help needed with finding my lost Litecoins, reward for the solution!

Hi guys,

I have some LTCs in 1 of my wallet.dat files. Did not touch it for more than 2 years. Last year after a very noobish mistake i lost my wallet files which i could recover with Puran software. Thing is i don’t know now in which file i have the coins. I know the address, the coins are still there but none of the files have the coins in them after rescan. I don’t even see the address in any of the rescanned wallets. I’m pretty sure that one of these have the coins in it I just can’t find out which one. 1 file is corrupted, i get an error message while trying to rescan.

How can i fix the corrupted file?
Why i don’t see the address in any of my wallets?
Could you please help me to recover my coins? Whoever provides the solution for me will receive a 5 LTC reward.

Thank you in advance!

are you replacing the wallet.dat file in your appdata folder with you backup and then renaming it wallet.dat first? thats all u should have to do…u can also see any balance for all existing litecoin address’ here:


Sure, i do replace it, than i start litecoin-qt.exe from command prompt and rescan it. I still don’t see my coins. I’m afraid that those coins are in my corrupted wallet file. Does anyone know how to fix a corrupted wallet file?

Hi…what are the addresses where you think the coins are? Do you have the original wallet seed?


This is the address where my coins are: LQQ61kYVR7byVhpR7vntQ4XhHJbd6xn9Bs.
By wallet seed you mean the wallet.dat?

One thing to try here, is pywallet’s ‘recovery’ feature.

there are 84 coins in that wallet ( Received: 84.00517483 LTC )

it wont find anything if your not renaming it wallet.dat…it will just make a new wallet .dat file if you dont rename it also so make sure oyu only have one wallet.dat file in your appdata folder

Yes, I’ve got that part covered. The files had the correct name. My problem is that i have multiple wallet.dat files and i don’t know in which i have my coins. I rescanned each except 1 which is corrupted and did not find my coins. Most likely (why not) my coins are in the corrupted file. I will try to recover it with pywallet.

Does anyone know where to find clear instructions for a noob like me how to run under windows?

You would need to first install python for windows.

For me, it’s a lot easier to use VMWare Player and create a Linux VM (although that’s a potentially daunting task I realize)

Lol…if your coins are in the backup they will show up as pending when you replace and rename wallet.dat in appdata…if that backup has been spent or is does not have all address’ in the hash then it will only obtain coins that you have the private keys and corresponding address’ for…just go through them all restarting qt each time and if nothing I there then go to the next one…can also trac your address on block explorer

I take that back…the pending thing doesnt work any more…just enable your folder options to show you the time and date and use your most recent backup…

Well, i’m pretty sure that my coins are in a corrupted wallet.dat. Ruled out all other possibilities.
Installed Python 2.7, i’m trying to use pywallet’s recover command but it does not work.
Every time i run it even with the --otherversion=48 command the result is the same: 0 wallets found but the wallet file is there. I’m reading through Pywallet 2.2 topic on Bitcoin forum but didn’t find anything.

I wonder why the command does not work for me when i use the exact same way like others, it seems it works for others.

downloading the new version and replacing the wallet.dat file with your back up and renaming it wallet.dat is all you should have to do…otherwise you can recover a corrupt wallet file under console with salvagewallet type help to make sure this is what you want to do