Help needed I wish to buy some litecons

hello am new to this forum. I would like to buy some litecoin, I am in Dubai which is the best agent to buy from and which litecoin wallet is the best

It is a multi-step process, but you can do it. First, buy bitcoins here:

Change USD to INR, change country to India and search. “Cash Deposit” appears to be an option for you. Always start with small amounts and choose a verified trader with many trades.

After you buy bitcoin, you can easily trade it for litecoin on which is a very established exchange. You could also use I mention these two because they are generally quick and easy and do no require an I.D. verification process.

My favorite wallets are the Litecoin Core (formerly QT) and Electrum-ltc. Electrum is nice if you prefer not to download the entire blockchain.

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