Help me I do not want to do

для чего столько много адресов в кошельке electrum litecoin?

google translate

Why so many addresses in the electrum wallet litecoin

I kinda answered in your other post

but addresses are generated to be used and tossed away once used…only long term HODL wallets are safe…in my view paperwallets…addresses and wallets on desktop wallets are used to move money around and then emptied to not be used again. Make a new address on each time you move LTC and then empty and put remainder on a new address HOPEFULLY on a long term paper wallet.

I use desktop wallets to buy stuff. I put my long term HODL of crypto like LTC and BTC on a paperwallet …virgin…only has transactions in…private key had never touched the Internet…in a water proof folder/bag in a safety deposit box in the bank.

I figure if the bank gets hit by a metorite…the crypto gods hate me anyway

again, google translate is gonna mangle this