Help me ASAP,already sent money to my LTC address but my wallet haven't money

Three days ago a my friend sent 0.13239 to my LTC address " MWx5ghmVTQB5GK4vWdyhSrypczvJ3cypwr/"

live.blockcypher dot com/ltc/address/MWx5ghmVTQB5GK4vWdyhSrypczvJ3cypwr/
He sent me the transaction information, I checked it and found the deposit is complete.
live.blockcypher dot com/ltc/tx/093719d6de80861d3c8369d1dbdf74067fce4a5c039db3b1be514c7c5643b7d5/
But when I checked in my wallet there was no / no money received ( balance 0$ ) ???
Please see the pictures, help me to solve this problem
upsieutoc dot com/image/H4kQGU
upsieutoc dot com/image/H4kM1M
upsieutoc dot com/image/H4kFnA
upsieutoc dot com/image/H4k2eY

All link :pastebin dot pl/view/fe0745e0
Edit “dot” = “.” for correct link
Thanks very much

please help me
Im new for ltc. I dont have much money, plz help me how can i received my money in wallet

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I don’t know what your problem is, but here is a suggestion for the future: always use use addresses that start with “L-” or "ltc-"

Bitcoin also uses addresses that start with “M-”, and a common complaint that happens often is people sending Litecoin to their Bitcoin addresses. If you use the address notation that is specific to Litecoin, this error is unlike to happen.

Are you sure that address is yours? What Litecoin client are you using?

are you sure you gave the right address to him? the funds show on the wallet address you provided.

Hi bro, I’m sure about my LTC address correct…
I use Litecoin Core software and get new address before I send LTC address to sender
upsieutoc . com/images/2021/02/24/206c80f11a36b63e5.png
Please check my LTC address & you can see i received 0 .43614401 for 2 transactions.
But that money never show in my wallet at Litecoin Core
chainz.cryptoid . info/ltc/address.dws?MWx5ghmVTQB5GK4vWdyhSrypczvJ3cypwr.htm

Yes I’m sure address is correct
I received total 2 transactions with amount 0.43614401 LTC for this address ( address create at 20/01/2021 by Litecoin Core)
But I dont know why my money never show in balance wallet at Litecoin Core
Plz help me , where my money T_T
upsieutoc . com/images/2021/02/24/33ad2eea9cbe09b0f.png

is your Litecoin core wallet fully sync’d? If not, that could be the issue.