HELP!LTC electrum have sent ltc and some ltc go to the random address!

I have sent 0.24738 LTC to LXFs55HAR9py2wPEX1fM2MBsi1uTM7ieut

but rest of ltc (943 µLTC) was sent to random adress LgEybwVnUREShCdPUbNWN7hsJLCisVSZqW

what is it ?Now i have zero ltc.

Green colored are destination addresses.
Yellow colored LTC addresses on electrum are change addresses. They are yours.

You should be able to spend those 943, unless min relay fee is to high.

what mean change adress?i have ltc on balance but not on my wallets.

Go to addresses tab and, on the select combo that is on the left side, switch to change.
Change addresses arre the place you get back the unspent amount of your transactions.

but why ltc transfered there?

That’s how bitcoin (and litecoin) works by default. You have the option to disable that behavior if you don’t like it.
Please go and read something about bitcoin change addresses and UTXO, to better understand it.

Hi All,

I Bought Bit coin through LTC Gear, but i pulled out 5.59960000 BTC back in december 2014 please help how to recover all my other coins?