HELP - lost LTC

i tried to withdraw LTC from binance exchange and send to COSS

however it has not arrived?? i checked the address and something seems wrong?

the destination on binance history of transaction and the address on COSS exchange today are different

leading me to believe

  • i got the address wrong
  • COSS change their LTC address

how can i trace the transaction?

when i trace the transaction on binance, its sends me to blockcypher

Here It says it has cleared on blockcypher?

Can it say cleared if the address is wrong?? Will it clear if the coins went to a NON LTC address

I am wondering what wetn wrong? is it a LTC account on another exchange? or simply the wrong address

binance say they can not help

who do i talk too??

it was quite alot of money

Please please help

to start, what is Coss?