Help, i've also sent 23 litecoin to the wrong address- Charlie Lee’s!

Also freaking out here, I copied and pasted the wrong litecoin address and sent it there by accident.
The wrong address in concern was actually the same address litecoin founder Charlie Lee posted about having put $1mil into then selling all his litecoin.

It was copied from a chat between my friend and I, I asked for an example of what a litecoin address looks like (not familiar with cryptopia at all) then eventually copied the wrong one!

My boyfriend and I have been trying to contact Charlie Lee via LinkedIn and twitter but I don’t see him reading the messages, please help me find a way to get in contact with him. I can prove the transaction with the transaction ID, exact amount and the address I sent it to + whatever else it takes!

Just need to get through to Charlie Lee!

Let me know if u need to contact Charlie

Yes! I do! Please help me get in contact with Charlie.

@coblee Hey Charlie, I sent 23.31 LTC to your litecoin address 3MidrAnQ9w1YK6pBqMv7cw5bGLDvPRznph

The transaction ID was


Please reply to this thread once you have checked the deposit, it was made on the 9th of January. Thanks, just reply to this thread and I’ll give you my litecoin address so you can send it back there. Sorry for the hassle, it was our mistake and we appreciate you taking the time to do this for us.

@coblee, does it seem legit to you? May be you can help this guy.

No idea if it is legit or not, since he did not provide any definetively proof (and I think he can’t, since the transaction seem to be from an exchange).

I can screenshot the transaction. The exchange used was and I can also provide the time and any other information required to prove it. Please help.

Hi @coblee and @mautematico,

I am the OP’s partner. I understand that it appears shady, as with any request for money over the web. Please see first screenshot below/attached with the second to follow (from phone - hope these upload properly).

In the absence of a better way to PM you @coblee, I have sent full information (including personal details) via LinkedIn Inmail which will provide a complete picture of things, and should prove that this is legit.

Happy to do anything else for proof - potentially even send a small nominal amount to the address if that helps (not sure if it helps with an exchange address though).

Appreciate that you are under no obligation to return the cash, but we screwed up pretty bad and are just here trying to recover a from a stupid mistake.


Second part of screenshot:

Hope @coblee finds the details you’re providing enough and could help you.
But please understand this would be a manual action and thus requiere some time.

If may I sugest: The best proof you can provide is signing a message using the sending address (LLP61bPbs9nbPZRPteDzQ8QHUpywXXhMfP). May be such message could be
"Plz refund coins to this address: L…"

I have no Idea if you can obtain such a message; If I understand correctly, that address is from cryptopia, so you’ll need to convince them to sign said message.

Other than that, the only thing I can think is @coblee refunding said coins to sending address. Said action should refound those coins to cryptopia, and then cryptopia maaay be able to credit you back the refunded amount.

I really hope you best luck guys.

Thanks @mautematico, really appreciate your help. I understand that it is an inconvenience to sort out (although more than I initially thought), particularly as @coblee is no doubt a busy man.

Any idea when we might be able to get a response from him?

I’ll get in touch with Cryptopia in the meantime and see what they can do.

Edit: quoted wait time is 12 days for a response because of their huge user growth -

Hi @losh11 and @Xinxi, apologies for troubling you. Unfortunately we haven’t had any responses with this yet. Is there any chance you could help us to get in touch with @coblee?

Given the trouble, we would happily donate a couple of LTC to the Foundation if we can recover these funds.

Many thanks

I will send the coins back to you. Sorry for the delay. I just saw this message.


Thank you so much @coblee. The deposit address for the account is LPeV4LRh49U51oshRtbPCCHTy7bvYSr55P.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Thank you so much!!! Lifesaver :smiley:


You rock, @coblee.

I’m glad you have your coins back.
Please be careful next time.

@cath2junga, @Hdf

Подскажите пожалуйста,я перевел по ошибке лайткоин на кошелек биткоина на биржу битфинекс,возможно вернуть лайткоин обратно? Спасибо.

If you sent litecoin to bitcoin address on bitfinex, only bitfinex is able to recover those coins. Ask them. If they agree to recover them, for sure they will charge you a fee.

Они говорят что этот процесс занимает много времени, месяц уже прошел не как не отдают,сколько времени возвращали Вам лайт?

I’m afraid they are your only hope. Only people who control the receiving coins (i.e. private key owner) can move them or refund them.

In the case described by OP, coins were sent to satoshilite’s address, so he personally refund them. It was a time consumer process, tough.