Hello who can help me with understand how work control block version

2017-07-30 07:34:26 receive version message: /Satoshi:1.0.0/: version 70002, blocks=3299, us=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxxx:19037, peer=1
2017-07-30 07:34:27 ERROR: AcceptBlockHeader: Consensus::ContextualCheckBlockHeader: 6743b17d000b36bc6d798cd7cef5e498a5f5c1325eec2c12905e72743763d0d2, bad-version(0x00000002), rejected nVersion=0x00000002 block (code 17)

what need change in code end where for it’s start accept block’s with version 2. Used latest stable sources v0.13.2.0-1929463

end what do this parameter in sources ?

    consensus.nMajorityEnforceBlockUpgrade = 2;
    consensus.nMajorityRejectBlockOutdated = 3;
    consensus.nMajorityWindow = 3;

if it’s wrong thread please replace it. I hope you help me understand how work blockchain update, end where is it configurations for this, what block accept, etc…

Hi, You mean you are mining and want to use a custom block version through the core wallet?

I’m not sure what parameter to use, you might have to ask someone on the bitcoin side. All of the developers are on the bitcoin side but bitcoin.stackexchange.com would be best.