Hello guys ! Could you please help me with some information about hardware?

Hello guys !
I wanna ask about where did you all get mining hardware like antminer D3 ?
Do you know honest sellers ?
Can you provide any contact details links/skype/phone numbers/emails ?
Thank you

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Did anyone try to mine on D3? What is real proffit?

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D3 is for Bitcoin.

L3+ is currently the best miner for Litecoin, you can buy direct from bitmain https://shop.bitmain.com/main.htm?lang=en

Problem is they are hard to get, bitmain are often sold out and resellers are gouging prices or are just scams.

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L3+ Litecoin
S9 Bitcoin


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The D3 miner was recently released in a pre-sale on Bitmain.com. It is planned to be shipped for October 2017. Any information on revenue is expected revenue and not actual revenue

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I tried to order on the Bitmain but I didn`t get the order in time.
I found one New Zeland company, they have more prices that bitmain, but they delivered in time.
I have already tried maining on my L3.Month income about $860 now. Amazing!!!
I can sent all info in privat massege.

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Month income $860 before or after deducting expenses?
How much did you pay for electricity?


D3 is an X11 miner for DASH, MUE and every other coin on the X11 algorithm
Bitcoin uses SHA256 algorithm

Hi there!

We are legit reseller of bitminer machines and we have available Antminer D3 at $2950
Delivery date will be on November 15-30, 2017.

For more details you can email me at moseselezra@yahoo.com or contact me at
Whatsapp: +852 5448 4997
Skype: argan.womanhk

You can email me or comment your email address below so that I can contact you.

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