He said "Litecoin has no future"...What's your take on this BS my fellow LiteCoiners?

Recent comment by Novogratz about Litecoin…
Litecoin, for example, has a “very vibrant community,” according to Novogratz. “But it’s a community of speculators,” he said. “There’s no one building anything on the Litecoin blockchain.”
“ To me,” he added, Litecoin has “no future. “

More details here:

We should focus on building community and Payment solutions for worldwide adoption :wink:

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On the contrary, I often hear that Litecoin has a good future. So, who is right?)

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Great team, great spirit, great vision - focused on buidling, alot is coming for Litecoin very soon. And for those who doubt, we can only say “I told you so” when the time comes.

I think nobody is right…time will show.

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