Have I found my wallet.dat?

I have a restored HDD, but can’t find the wallet.dat file.
I do however have walletview.cpp and walletdb.cpp

Are these related to Wallet.dat? Can I use them to create a new .dat?


dot cpp files are [C++] Source Code files, and are not related to your wallet.dat, sorry

Litecoin steals your money and then blames it on you. They lock up your wallet account with a fake passphrase restriction so you can’t access your money. Coinbase has a similar scam they withdraw money from your bank account and never let you move the money to a destination of your choice. I’m calling my bank today to see if they can get the money back Coinbase withdrew. Litecoin will be harder I think even though I bought it through Coinbase my money is stuck in a Litecoin wallet.

How can I find my litecoin wallet address.?

Hello, check here wallet.dat