Hashpower trading

I am starting this thread as a place for discussion about trading hashpower. I have done this in the past where I exchanged 24 hours of X11 for 24 hours of Equihash. It worked out well for both of us. He was able to get his Dash removed from an exchange and I was able to get some ZCash.

I am open to trading and want this thread to be a place for these discussions. If you want to trade, add your post.

Why not use nicehash?

You can do that, but you’re only paid in BTC and trusting this service. Also, sometimes people want to get another cryptocurrency either for diversification, exploration, get it off an exchange or understand performance of an ASIC.

What I am describing would be trading hashpower directly, such as a ZCash rig for a Litecoin ASIC.

The two parties would exchange pool and worker IDs. If you want more Litecoin and somebody else wants Dash, you could work out a trade … say, one D3 for one L3+. This would provide another option for miners - trade hashpower directly. Trades are up to the individuals.

You can verify the trade directly on your pool. If the hashpower decreases, you can cut the other side. I’ve done it before and it worked out really well.