Has anyone bought L3+ Miners from Bitmain.co.uk - possibly Fradualent

Hello Everyone,

I am new to this forum and was looking to start mining for Litecoin. As you all know Bitmain.com has almost doubled their L3+ prices so I am looking for alternatives.

I came across Bitmain.co.uk which still had the old prices. A red flag was the absence of the secured site. This led me to investigate the owner of the site and found it was registered for one year and was opened in May this year! Not looking good at all.

Update: Got this back from Bitmain.com


Bitmain do not have any dealers or re sellers in UK or other place around the world.

All official sales are only online - BITMAIN Shop

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next batch isn’t being shipped until the end of august…just check out ebay litecoin miners


If you live in the UK like I do. Do you know how much we have to pay for customs duty when buying an l3+.

i bought my L3+ from www.nova-tech-trade.com
They have received the first batch now