Has anybody dealt with AS-SHOP.SU?

Hi, guys!

I was wondering if any of you have dealt with this crew? I’d like to buy an L3 from them while I’m waiting for my two L3+s :slight_smile:, but I’ve seen in another forum that they may be a scam (!).

Please let me know anything positive or negative.

Thanks in advance.

It is a scam ! Don’t buy anything from them !

Yes. it is!!! Unfortunately, I found out too late. I wonder if there is a way to let the world know? I’m not smart enough to do that.

Thanks for the confirmation.

Well, always do a lot of research before doing anything on internet…

Here is a list of scams with bitcoins (and it’s really huge) : http://www.badbitcoin.org/thebadlist/index.htm