GET YOUR IDEA OUT OF THE PAPER AND WIN 3.5 LTC! #LITECOIN Hands-on Campaign - Deadline: August 31

The message sent by @Adamt is “14 DAYS LATER” but just got yesterday here. For some reason, some messages were delayed and others have been cleared and reposted. I think maybe some backups were restored.

I talked to the people who gently sponsored this campaign and we are postponing deadline.

Submissions are being accept until August 31.

I will create a new post tabulating contestants, there are already 3 of then.

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It won’t help anymore. Litecoin project missed its moment for promotion. The competition is too high now.

i uploaded a meme on r/Litecoin. (u/iFatWeasel)

As Dogecoin is trending due to Elon Musk and many others,
we can promote litecoin-mining as we get free dogecoins by mining LTC.

this can make ltc network more secure and more decentralized and make LTC gain popularity.



we can promote ltc mining by informing people that you get free dogecoins if you mine litecoin.

Screenshot 2021-07-15 at 1.43.32 PM
my post has almost 400 up votes


I am compiling subscribed contestants at 2021 #LITECOIN Hands-on Campaign Subscribed Contestants and added a field to track how the idea had spread/went viral.

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Have you checked this topic @Ladeba ?

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Yes! I’ll write something up very soon. Thank you for the reminder!

Can’t promote this campaign at r/Litecoin no more. They are not accepting my posts there :confused:

Hmm do they give you a reason as to why?

Yes, I was deleted there, too, without even posting but had posted elsewhere something positive about LTC. I’d look for moderators who are on multiple forums. I’ve heard the same complaint from many; they get blanket banned if positive on one forum from all LTC forums. You aren’t the only one, join the club, we meet on Thursdays. :wink:

Hi everyone,

Wanna submit my entry

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I’m working on a game, called “Crypto Reversi”. It’s regular reversi, but there’s a crypto theme to it. Users can select the icons for their coins and use them as the black and white pieces.

I’ll submit it in the next few days, so I hope you won’t cancel the competition in the meantime.

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Don’t worry. I won’t. The only thing I want is to people get involved.

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Absolutely. Moderators on multiple platforms controlling the narrative are the primary problem. The coin is excellent, but the community is part of the fundamentals too in a digital world. Having the same moderators on multiple platforms creates a centralized community issue needing to be addressed.
Much thanks for this promotion. :slight_smile:


A small teaser for “Crypto Reversi”:


When can we try it? This is exciting!
What are some other entries?

Can I still write someone some good ideas? I missed the deadline, but I don’t need a prize.

LTC is a great coin with 0 downtime and a bright future!