Gaming cryptos - which are the best?

As a former MTG / Yugioh card collector, Gods Unchained excites me. They’re building a trading card game that looks incredible and is backed by some serious investors like Coinbase. It’s honestly the most excited I’ve been about anything in the space for awhile. My bet is games like this are going to be huge for driving adoption.

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None, really. We’re still waiting for big players like EA Sports or Blizzard to come into this industry and make something off it. Now that Ethereum has working secondary layers, they should.

It looked really easy on waves platform a year ago, I experimented with the interface just for fun. but i don’t know what its current status is since google interfered with their lite client.

If you find something good please share it here, I am also interested in gaming cryptos


I am far from crypto games and the cryptocurrency market in general. Speaking of games, I prefer to enjoy playing simulations. This is my favorite type of games but most people have never played it. So, if you are such a person, I strongly recommend you to click here and read about these games. I can assure you that they are really worthy

WOW. Do you mean cryptos used as currency for games? I’ve been betting my coins at e-sports casinos tho. But it would really be exciting if there be more big names in the crypto world!

Hm I`d like to know too this info

Have you heard that Ubisoft is going to do something related to crypto?

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It seems that the golden age of crypto is getting closer and closer every day!

If you want to know what’s the best crypto for gaming check Enjin ENJ.
It has been integrated in several blockchain games, it creates tokens ERC1155 which are backed by an amount of enjin giving them a crypto value, and this items are playable in several different games, as well as transferable to other user wallets, so users/players are the real owners of these game items and are able to trade and sell them as well.
Enjin will revolutionize the gaming industry.

I like gambling, it is quite interesting activity but I don’t spend much money on this. I usually play on some websites from for relax and to get some fun. New modern video slots are really cool! Highly recommend to try.

Nexium that is used in Beyond the Void game is showing some positive signs now. This token is quite small now. Probably it will grow up.

When it comes to big players like EA, i’d prefer they stay away from any crypto activites, but it’s inevitable. Personally, i’ve been into cryptokitties for a while, ethereum gives so much possibilites to this industry, but also i think that most of those appliances will concern internal economics of games, including microtransactions unfortunately. For now, crypto gaming vastly influences online gambling and sports betting, personally i’ve been only into some lotteries on and even won quite a sum there. Hope to see some more quality indie video games any soon (or maybe even AAA).

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What happened at the end with this? :< Its been 2 years and I havent heard anything about this