Futurebit moonlander Raspberry Pi

I’m trying to run a moonlander on my Pi and I have no idea which version of the linux drivers to download or how to install them.

None of the guides I’ve looked at cover this part. Any help would be appreciated.

download bfgminer.org

or you can get it using git

git clone GitHub - luke-jr/bfgminer: Modular ASIC/FPGA miner written in C, featuring overclocking, monitoring, fan speed control and remote interface capabilities.

not too sure if it has direct drivers for the moonlander but it should work if you start bfgminer and then add a device by pressing (M+) and then type (all)
if it does not find the device you may need touse it as a hot plug by starting the miner connected to the pool and then plugging in the usb miner