Free Cryptocurrency Courses for Beginners

Hi everyone!
Jim here from CryptoDetail learning hub.
We believe the cryptocurrency industry need some structured and systematic learning materials for all the users interested in:

  • Litecoin Basics
  • Blockchain Coding
  • Cryptocurrency Trading
  • Mining
  • Regulation, etc.
    The information nowadays could be segmental, contradictory and sometimes too abstruse.
    We strive to simplify the fundamental knowledge available for us now.
    And we decided to make some free text courses regarding these topics for all of you guys.
    Just need to get feedback from you, it will be really appreciated.

I am allowing this thread, IF for some reason it has ‘nested’ links somewhere within to pay or scam sites and is NOT a public service, contact me with any offending links and I will delete this thread. With my overview I did not see anything ‘outrageous’, so hopefully it may be helpful to users on here.