Forgot password, have general idea

haven’t used the wallet in like 3 years, been waiting for value to return to when i bought them. anyway forgot the password, but i have some general idea just haven’t been able to remeber or guess it. it’s between 6-10 characters, and at most 2-3 numbers. I’ve been looking and all the stuff looks pretty technical and intimidating. Any help would be appreciated, and a small fee would be fair for recovery of the password.

What exactly are you looking for as far as an answer?

I don’t think anybody can guess your password any better than you can.
Do you have a specific question? Maybe that would be a great start!

looking for recommendations for a brute force program that is simple and easy to use. don’t care if it takes while, just need something easy to use.

lol i can’t believe you’re really asking for such.

If you can’t remember your password, your coins are gone.

it’s no an uncommon problem, there are several posts on the subject here. There are even services that offer to recover the password for a fee, but i was just thinking there had to be another way. My bad for asking. When i bought the coins like 4 years ago the market crashed and has taken this long to recover, 4 years is a long time to remember something you used once.

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If you have used actual words together with numbers it shouldn´t take long to figure out your password. I suggest you get intouch directly with cxop or someone else in the posts you are reffering to.

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Oh don’t be sorry for asking.

You can see how silly it sounds to ask for a brute force program to break into a wallet though.

If theirs posts about it, going there would be a good idea.

hashcat - advanced password recovery if you need someone to do it for you I am happy to crack your password for a litecoin as it usually takes a while depending on your password and how I set up hashcat…option 11300 in for bitcoin / litecoin wallets …best to use dictionary method with combinatory unless you have a very very secure style passphrase…also brute force takes literally forever unless you have miners hooked up to accelerate your GPU u probably wont get it…there are plenty of videos on youtube on using hashcat

If u need I will gladly accept a copy of your backup via email and then crack it for you and send you your coins to a new address you provide minus the 1 litecoin of coarse…($25 - $30 US in case the price changes )

still offering to crack wallets? i still need it get it done and am looking for someone reputable to help. Can you offer references for my peace of mind? and what is your fee for doing it, and how long does it usually take to crack?

as already said by bakd247 you should try to use hashcat. My advice is that you should first try to crack your password yourself. It is always very risky to pass on your wallet file to someone else. However, if you are unable to do it (e.g. missing technical skills or hardware) you probably have to take that risk.

Cheers XuS

yes I will crack your password for you if you’d like…message me and I will send you my e-mail

i could use some help getting started, How do i get the “hash” to run through hash cat? is it a file i already have on disk or is it something else?

yes…it is your backup file
there are a few ways to do it…one way I have done it on windows is to change the file extension to .txt from .dat and then open it using notebook and then you can copy and paste it into the hash.txt in hashcat
just make sure you have the original copy in touched still as doing this to the only one you have can corrupt the file so just make a copy of your backup and paste it into a new folder before you change the file extension type

Hello. Can you help me hack my password which I don’t remember?

you can download hashcat (which there are many howto use videos on youtube)or yes I can help if you can get the hash file extracted form your .dat file…let me know if you need walk through or are wanting to pay for assistance…I usually charge by the hour running my gpu for the power usage and it doesn’t take that long for a dictionary attack if you know some of or have an idea what the password might be

Hi man ,where can i found the service you talked ,Look forward to your reply thx

hashcat download site

how to use hashcat video

if you would like me to crack the password for you with my GPU…send me a personal message and I will get back to you ASAP…be sure you are willing to send me your backup file…if you have your address’ you can see all spends on block explorer’s to insure i wont steal your coins…I do charge by the hour for running my GPU for brute force and for dictionary…(less time for dictionary attacks if you have a close idea as to what your password might be)

thank you again , i wanna try the hashcat first .i am a litte curious

Hi there,
I have a problem with my LTC core wallet which asks me for a passphrase. I have no recollection of being given one in the first place! Although I can see my balance, I cannot access my funds without entering a passphrase. Can you assist me in any way; I should be very grateful.

you can either download “john the Riper” and extract your password hash using python with command: bitrcoin2john,py ~/.bitcoin/wallet.dat and it will give you your password hash
you have to put the wallet.dat file in a bitcoin appdata folder in order for it to work

and then use either john the ripper or hashcat to find the password…

I offer this service but I need a copy of the wallet.dat file located in the appdata folder of litecoin in order to extract the hash…
I am working on a method to extract the private keys without needing the password form wallet.dat file currently and I have one person I am trying to find a password for right now…
If you’d like me to try for you and you have a general idea of what the password might be…a dictionary attack method can be used…like if you know what it is but forgot what letters you capitalized or numbers after the word…
brute force method can take forever and sometimes can never find the password if it is a secure enough one…

let me know if youd like me to try…just message me and I will send you my email address and you can send me a copy of your wallet…