First Litecoin release, where did it fork from? Also PoW change implementation

Hello everyone,

According to Wikipedia, the first Litecoin release was 0.1.0, but I can’t find that anywhere. Or not that version number.

Does anyone know what Litecoin forked from (directly from Bitcoin or another alt-coin, and which version?) I’d like to find the original repository of Bitcoin/other Litecoin forked from, and the first Litecoin release, so I can try to figure out exactly how the proof of work changed, and how it works.

For example, apparently it’s the same as Bitcoin. But here, there is an initial scrypt(block header or block?) then a sha256d to find the proof of work with the number of leading zero bits needed to make it work. (I still wonder exactly where that comes from, but another time…)

Thanks if you know where I can get the originals so I can put myself through the wringers making comparisons to see how it all works!

Was the first altcoin and it forked from Bitcoin.