Fell for electrum wallet phishing attack

I fell for the electrum wallet phishing attack. Any help is really appreciated.

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I am sorry for your loss. Do not have the skills. :frowning:

Thanks for your reply.

Can you explain what happen??

I’ve been using the same electrum LTC for the last few months, most recently 2 weeks ago with no issues. Opened it 2 days ago to move a small amount. On launching electrum, a pop-up window told me I have to update, follow the link to update. I followed the link and downloaded the file. I actually also googled and went to electrum LTC website to download. But the top 2 results were both electrum-ltc websites. I was worried one of them was a fake site. So I decided to trust the pop-window from within the wallet that had worked for me the previous few times.
Immediately after entering the destination address and amount, I went to transaction history. I was shocked to see that my entire amount was being transmitted to a different address. Now I see my coins in the scammer’s address.

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This just happened to me as well. Any luck on a fix? Or it’s just gone? I feel dumb, I never fall for that crap. especially from within the app.

go to www.bitcointalk.org they have threads on electrum you can get the true info…but from what I’ve heard it is in the wind.

I uninstalled Electrum, reinstalled it, transferred money and it happened again?

Sorry to hear that it hit you too, and you got hit twice. I’m usually super careful too. I actually googled, but there were 2 different google results at the top of the page, one was a .org and the other was a .com. I wasn’t sure which was the right one and which one is a scam website, so I decided to trust something that popped up from within the wallet.
I’m sworn off electrum. As far as I know, it’s blockchain, so it’s not reversible. So sorry to hear that.

What do you use now?

I don’t use anything. I’m wiped out with no LTC left, I’m staying away from LTC.

Do you know if this thing is in my OS or just attached to the specific wallet it affected? Not sure how extensive I need to go to remove the threat

Sorry, I couldn’t find that answer any where. There is a thread on reddit that warned people about it 2-3 months ago, but I didn’t see anything about people that fell for it.
Btw, tracking that address, I saw that someone else (I assume a victim too) had 81LTC phished into that wallet 2 weeks ago…sad.
At the very minimum, assume that any Electrum wallet (if you have BTC electrum too) is infected. Worse case scenario, either completely wipe that computer or don’t ever use it again for crypto stuff.

Sorry to hear that(
Wish you every success in the future!

Wow…I am really sorry. Wish you all the best.

Have you solved the problem?