Feedback about ufominers

Dear All,
I am new in this forum and also new to this kind of business.
Is there anybody here with experience in UFOMINERS?
I appreciate your feedback.

Hi jmanuel10,

Are you talking about this UFOMiners?


If you believe that here I’ll sell you another one.

Im building 850 TH/S bitcoin miners for sale $2000 each send payment here


Ships out in the year 2117


Sorry for my lack of knowledge on this subject. You may have experience on this but I don’t.
Anyway, I got the message…Thank you very much.

Didn’t mean to come off rude. But a simple google search and and the most basic common sense should tell you if it sounds too good to be true it is

Don’t worry! I got the message I was looking for.
Now I have to continue with my research on how to start. Your advice will be appreciated if any

If you’re brand new to this a few tips

  • Do extensive research
  • This is not a get rich quick scheme it is a long term investment and it’s pretty expensive
    -only deal with reputable companies I recommend Bitmain
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