Failed sanity check on property

Hello guys,
Did somebody have trouble to open omnilite app in linux mint due to error message “failed sanity check on property”. What does it mean and how to solve it? Many thanks

Yes happend multiple times.
Did u run the qt/gui version?

I solved it by using the daemon and resync the chain

So happy somebody responsed beside the service support via chat they have focused just on my wallet.
I run qt version. Can ask for more detail how to resync the chain?
Anyway thanks for supportive manner.

Because u are running this on Linux can easily move to ur litecoin folder via terminal/cli.

One more step into the bin folder.
I hope u know how to bash in there :sweat_smile:

Then run the daemon with reindex.

./litecoind -reindex
Now u should see via command line the app starts to sync the chain.
If dosen’t
tail -f /home/user/.litecoin/debug.log

Plz let me know how ur going