Epic Fail with SW start signaling

only 0,02% of miners supported SW on the start.
Guys, this is mega fail.
Im out.

so you sold all your LTC?

I had 70% LTC in my investment portfolio. At the momet I have only 10% such as Charlie Lee.

The percentage shown represents the last 8064 blocks. The moment that signaling began 0 percent of those blocks would have indicated not signaling. After the first block that was found signaling would show 1/8064 * 100 percent = 0.01 percent.

So the percentage only represented that the first block was found: not the number of miners supporting segwit.

That said the fact that Chinese pools are slow in updating is disappointing. I think that is because of bitcoin politics more than anything. If segwit was purely a LTC idea likely the pools would already have updated just like they have for every single update in the past. At least they have indicated they will update and as a result we are required to be patient.


That’s great saying to someone educate yourself, I’ve been around since 2011 admittedly not very technical probably just like a good proportion of folk with their eyeballs on the same SW signalling site. And to me it simply reads

Segwit miner support = 10 (0.12%)

I agree my first statement sounded harsh. As such I have deleted it and apologize to user ddr533.

Still the math is correct though. The support indicated is short of 4% (20 out of 577 blocks) as of right now. If F2Pool were to start signaling, it would take 8064 blocks until “Segwit miner support” would reach a percentage that corresponds to the pools hashpower

The number is somewhat missleading imo.
@ddr533 I may hope you did not made your decicion on that to sell your LTC, because. Many pools are planning to signal segwit, but it may take a while. Coinotron already does (1.2% hashrate) and I know F2pool will too in the comming weeks. So then we have ~50% already.
Some pools think they should not make the choice, miners should. So the miners need to switch to a segwit pool if they want to have segwit.
I think it is wise to add segwit, it has several advantages, not only blocksize enlargement. So, I’m mining at Coinotron now.

The LitecoinBlockhalf website is wrong, since it’s calculating the last 8064 blocks including pre-signalling blocks. That doesn’t make sense does it?

Currently, SW is at around 6% with CSV support slightly higher. After F2Pool adds support, there will likely be more support from pools. Especially since we will be a lot closer to the 75% target for activation.

We also have something coming out on the Litecoin Core 0.13.3 release directly related to this. If you take a look at some of the commits from the past week you might understand what I’m talking about. For the meanwhile - I cannot announce anything as of yet!

For example, the voting at litecoinpool.org is so far 21.5% yes - 0.5 % no. 78% of the miners has not yet made a choise. The pool will give them some time, then the pool will (problably - I have nothing to do with the management) fully signal the majority. (As seen on the blocks right now, Litecoinpool only signals on the behalf of the yes-votes made)… PS. Lets make Litecoin great again :wink:

The F2pool declare that it will support SW


They talked about that a month ago.
Empty words.
Litecoinpool and Coinotron support SW.
F2Pool can only promise.
Solid manipulation. Do not trust the Chinese.

Every Chinese person I have ever known had integrity and treated me well. Only time will tell what f2pool does. If they don’t support segwit after giving every indication they would it’s because they lack integrity, most definitely not because of their race.

f2pool uses custom software, it takes longer for them to upgrade and start signalling.

They’ve said they’re supporting segwit I see no reason that they would lie.

We’ll know for sure in a couple of weeks

Glad you sold it off. No need for you to continue trolling Litecoin then.

I think Monero could use a good trolling, if you might be up for that task.

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OF course.
Only Charlie Lee can to troll litecoin. He has been in trolling in recent months.

A lot of upgrades are not even done yet, and here you are calling segwit a mega fail.

The sad thing for you is that there isn’t even enough people reading this forum to make your constant trolling a success or fail.

Here is some reading from your good buddy Charlie Lee, a nice little troll snack for you.

Reading all these topics here, makes me question one thing. Isn’t this a Litecoin forum, of litecoin holders, who feels positive about litecoin? From where I sit, being a newbie in any of these crypto currency world, I think litecoin is here to stay and will be a part in the future, a crypto currency to be reckon with. Being in business and retired, I was told once, and it was a great advice when I was young. Dont worry what the other stores that do the same business as you, concentrate on your own business, and never worry what other stores doing. I believe, litecoin has a strong back after all there years of develpment, of which I’m a true believer of litecoin. I feel the same way of Ethureum which i sold out and made money. I feel the same way of Dash and I sold out all my Dash, and now all the profits went into litecoin, and I now have litecoin in my hardwallet and Ill just kick back drink my favorite coffee, and wont worry about it. same as all my bitcoin that’s in my ledger nano wallet Hold–Hold–Hold, wait to you see the eyes then shoot! Aloha!