Empty wallet after update software

Dear Litecoin.org,

I just login on my old notebook where my Litecoin wallet is installed. After opening it had to synchronise the last 3/4 years.
Everything was just fine after updating of the blocks. I tried to exchange -1 LTC to my phone wallet called Dicewallet.

After trying that it didn’t do any transaction. The Dicewallet didn’t recieve any LTC.
I thought maybe this is a problem of Dicewallet and tried to pay out 1.25 LTC to AnyCoins.
This transaction also failed.

Then I tried to update my LiteCoin program on my computer because I was still using version (beta).
I downloaded version 0.13.2 from your website and installed it. Maybe I made a failure with this one, because I was running 32-bit version and installed a 64-bit version of 0.13.2.

After starting the 64-bit it saw just my Wallet as before, but my Ballance shows 0.000000 LTC. As you can see in the link below (screenshot):

Can you please help me with my problem? As you can see in the screenshot I should have like 98.53 LTC and tried twice to do any transaction with 1.0 LTC and 1.25 LTC.
These where made on 12-4-2017 18:34 and 13-4-2017 22:34.

It also shows that my wallet is locked. I can show you here: https://gyazo.com/421b056bdec04922171ff3a2e211c975

Hopefully this is enough information to solve my problem.



where ever you told core wallet to save the chain data is where your private key .dat file is…usually C:\Users(currentuser)\AppData but if you told core to save it somewhere else then that is where the application data is for the wallet…once you find your .dat file and put it into litecoin appdata folder you should be good to go…

make sure you have “view hidden items” selected in your folder options!!!

any backup saved is the same file…place the backup in the appdata folder and rename it wallet.dat

example…I store litecoin on an external hard drive…when you install litecoin it will ask for permission to the firewall and then ask where you want the data to be stored…I selected my external drive and created a data folder in it…then I made a .bat file on the drive containing the following:
start litecoin-qt.exe -datadir=data
this makes litecoin work on a mobile drive like a flash dirve as long as the data folder you create is in the same folder as litecoin is saved on the external drive…

so there are two ways to run the wallet and knowing how you initially saved your data is the key to finding your coin…also may try and search your entire pc for any file called wallet.dat

BTW the wallet will always be locked until you send coins which asks for the passphrase to do so

when it says your wallet is locked it just means it is password protected and has nothing to do with updating…as long as you have the correct wallet.dat file in your APPDATA file for Litecoin you will see your coin in your wallet…