Electrum Wallet Recovery

I have a wallet from 2013 which was on an older Ubuntu system of mine. I took the back-up and restored it to my new desktop ages ago but it’s saying it’s watch only mode. I’m not sure but I assume this has some thing to do with it being a restored version? I went to try and fire up the old Desktop sys but it’s giving me grief and wont fully boot up before entering emergency mode… I have a few LTC sitting in the wallet and I want to send some more through it but SO glad i tested it prior to sending lol. How do I go about getting this wallet set up for active use assuming I can’t get at the original version for “key” retrieval or what ever? A bit of a noob here too by the way. Cheers.

what was the old wallet software, and what’s the new one?

how is your backup, what kind of file?

it’s an Electrum wallet and I believe (Been a while since I “re-installed”) it was simply an ellectrum wallet back-up file. I can post a screen shot if that helps.

do you have the 12 word seed?

NOOOOOOO IDEA. It was so many years ago. I would have likely saved it some where for just such a case but… Everything shows up fine but it’s in “watch” mode only. Would it do that if the keys / words weren’t already in place? Cheers.

watch only is the same as looking for the address at a explorer.

so maybe you have the actual wallet file somewhere