Electrum/trezor problems

Hi everyone,

I’m not really sure what ive done but ill try and explain. I have my ltc stored in electrum and I have just got a trezor to use the hardware wallet with electrum.

I setup my trezor, wiped it and restored from seed to check I had it down ok. I then sent a small amount of litecoin (from loaf wallet) to my trezor wallet to send on to confirm it worked. The amount was too small so I had to reduce the fee and the transaction wasn’t confirming on electrum. i had also sent ltc from electrum and used the password and i was paranoid about keyloggers so i decided to incorporate my trezor with electrum while the original transaction was still unconfirmed, and now my electrum/trezor wallet wont sync and its been about 20 hours.

I can still view my original electrum wallet and the transaction is still not confiriming, id-4f906036d7e1434d1d490910447bee5bb8a3ac90d5d746e0f16f344b6fb564a1

ive tried changing the server but that hasn’t worked. Please help guys, I really don’t know what to do next.

its fixed now. I installed a beta version and the wallet synced.

Hello Alex,

exactly same probleme, I just bought btc trezor and sent from electrum to trezor in both directions and since that electrum is non synchro for 3 days and I am unable to send rest to trezor. Please help me step by step how to fix it. Thank you in advance, Shaw82